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Primed timber

Primed timber

Industrial priming treatment performed in dry and controlled conditions plays its own part in protecting the cladding from precipitation and sunlight already during the machining process. Treatment speeds up the painting task, as surface painting may be done immediately after installation.

Priming is a treatment stage where a single coat of primer is applied to the three visible surfaces of ready timber in accordance with the instructions issued by the paint supplier.

The benefits of industrial priming:

  • cost-effectiveness
  • priming is conducted in dry and controlled conditions
  • intermediate storage flaws are avoided
  • on-site construction is speeded up
  • the quality of priming and surface painting improves and less frequent maintenance treatments are required

Recommended primer shades for full covering (white is the most used shade):

  • White (lightly shaded white = so-called painter white)
  • Grey (Tikkurila colour chart = TV 618x)
  • Red (Teknos colour chart = TM 7842)
  • Yellow (Teknos colour chart = TM 7453)
  • Green (Teknos colour chart = TM 7223)
  • Blue (Teknos colour chart = TM 7232)

All exterior cladding profiles are available primed, undercoated and surface painted. The product information page shows e.g. profile images, dimensions, photographs and technical data.

Open the Teknos instructions for further treatment of primed and undercoated exterior cladding boards (in Finnish)

Exterior cladding boards treated with TEKNOL AQUA 1410 wood protection

Exterior cladding boards and wooden house elements primed with TEKNOL 1881/2881 primer

Exterior cladding boards treated with TEKNOL AQUA 1888 translucent primer