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We purchase all our wood from Lapland in northern Finland, sourced and delivered to us from within a 150-kilometre radius of our production facility. Our long-standing cooperation with our timber suppliers ensures reliable timber purchases. Our timber sourcing principles are based on sustainable development and respecting natural biodiversity. Our operations are PEFC-certified.

The point of departure for wood sourcing is long-term cooperation that benefits both seller and buyer with the fundamental pillars of professional purchasing activities and a good harvesting footprint. A competent harvesting chain listens to its forest owners and when felling it ensures that the future of the forest is cherished, thereby assuring excellent growing conditions also for the future.

Each timber log is meticulously and effectively utilised. The entire log is used and this produces no waste whatsoever. Woodchips are used as the raw material for making pulp, while sawdust and bark is used for generating thermal energy. By using renewable natural resources as construction material, our activities have a sustainable foundation.